Twelve Valve Diesel!!!!

Hey There Everyone!!!! So it's been a long winter but I haven't stopped working. Through the Winter season I worked with a new incarnation of The Incline and began as the primary guitarist is a local 90's-2000's Rock Tribute called MASS TRANSIT. These projects are awesome but I have had something up my sleeve waiting and working in the wings and this last month I have finally got to bring it to the fore front!!! Twelve Valve Diesel is my idea of what a great southern country rock should be. Covering all the artists I grew up with in OK like Jason Boland and Cross Canadian Ragweed as well as writing and arranging our own originals Twelve Valve is a spectacular band. We just got this awesome article i'll be tagging at the bottom written about us by our local news publication The Gazette. I haven't been this excited about a project since the Back Road Horizons days and we are gearing up for a solid summer full of shows and recording our debut effort. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through the years I can't wait to bring this new band and some new music to you!!!

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